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Health Plus Behavioral Care For Your Family

Our aim at Health Plus Behavioral is to provide comprehensive mental health services at an affordable price regardless of insurances to all ages, from children to senior citizens.  

About Health Plus Behavioral Care

We Provide Essential Services For Your Mental and behavioral Health

Mission Statement

By simply providing empirically based mental health services, regardless of societal limitations, we can help each individual where they are and lead them to where they want to go.

Vision Statement

We strive to cultivate a more transparent, authentic, and safe culture, free of bias, and which encourages everyone with whom we come in contact to have a voice about what matters.


Most appointments can be scheduled within 48 hours! Call us today or use this form to make an appointment.

Medical Services

Our Healthcare Services

Many of our services are currently offered both physically and via telehealth for convenience and confidentiality.

Mental  Health

Mental Health

Medication Management

Medication Management

We Also Offer GeneSight Testing




We offer genetic testing with GeneSight to identify genetic variations associated with mental disorders or treatment response. It helps assess the risk of developing psychiatric conditions and optimize treatment plans based on genetic factors.

Best Medical & Healthcare

Our Team is available to help you regain control.

Our board-certified providers and licensed psychotherapists believe that mental and emotional health are equally important to our overall functioning.

You will receive individualized and evidence-based treatment, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Medical Advices & Check Ups

Trusted Medical Treatment

What People Say

Our Testimonials

Ryan V Client

Very comfortable talking to Dr Sango. He is very professional and I felt easy to open up to.

Kristin C Client

This was my first time having an appointment with this provider and I think I am going to continue to see him in the near future.

Taylor T Client

Highly recommend. This physician listens to your every request, makes great suggestions, and is punctual with appointments and prescriptions.

Starr R Client

Dr. Sango is one of the most amazing doctors I have ever had the privilege of being seen by. He listened attentively, asked proper questions and di not judge. He told me I could contact him whenever I needed to day or night.

Alison M Client

He was very patient, kind, and comforting throughout the appointment to alleviate any further

Jason G Client

Great experience. Highly recommend

Denise W Client

I did a video appointment which was great

DQ Client

My visit is always satisfying, comfortable, and good vibes. I feel I can share anything with my doctor. Its never a tempered moment.

DH Client

My visit with Sango really helped me and motivated me to do better with my mental health. He show he cares and put me on the right medicine I need.