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About Health Plus Behavioral Care

We Provide Essential Services For Your Behavioral and Mental Health Care

Mission Statement

By simply providing empirically based mental health services, regardless of societal limitations, we can help each individual where they are and lead them to where they want to go.

Vision Statement

We strive to cultivate a more transparent, authentic, and safe culture, free of bias, and which encourages everyone with whom we come in contact to have a voice about what matters.


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Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Emmanuel Sango, DNP, APRN, CRNP, PMHNP-BC

Practice Philosophy

Dr. Sango is a board-certified family psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner with extensive experience treating patients of all ages. Although the majority of patients report feeling better after receiving psychiatric treatment, I believe that psychiatric treatment is not primarily about feeling better. The goal of treatment is to allow individuals to regain their freedom. When psychiatric disorders are less prevalent, people have a greater ability to manage discomfort, operate more efficiently, and discover meaning in their lives.

This may be your first-time seeking treatment, or you may have received multiple diagnoses. It is common for people to experience difficulties for some time before seeking treatment. A diagnosis is an abstraction used to describe patterns of symptoms. It is important to note that there is more to mental health disorders than the diagnoses used to describe them.

We will work together to find the best treatment option that meets your needs. The goal of working together is to ensure that you participate fully in the treatment process, including following reasonable recommendations and taking the necessary actions to support your wellness. When necessary, psychotherapy, intensive outpatient programs, or even inpatient treatment may be recommended, depending on the circumstances. Participating actively and responsibly in your treatment leads to better outcomes in many areas of your life (social, family, work, etc.).

One thing you should know about me is that I am open to differences in opinions. I do not always have the right answer. If I am uncertain about something, I will inform you and adjust treatment as necessary. I hope you will also maintain an open mind regarding your treatment.